Student absences


​​​Every day counts -  students who attend school all day, every day learn better and achieve more positive outcomes. Regular attendance and punctuality is necessary for students to achieve the best results possible.

If an absence is unavoidable it must be explained.

Full day absence

Parents are required to report each full day absence, including the student name, year level, date of absence and reason by one of the following options:

  • sending a text to 0429 360 340 for each individual student
  • Send an email to absences​
  • Respond to the daily text message sent by the school indicating that your student is not at school
  • Phone and leave a voicemail 3452 5366
  • Send a written note explaining the absence

Please Note: The process for absences during assessments and exams is different to daily absences. In particular, students in Years 11 and 12 should be aware of the requirements of the Queensland ​Curriculum & Assessment Authority (QCAA) for an access arrangement and reasonable adjustment (AARA) including the requirement of a medical report, not a medical certificate. The student should submit their assessment as required with the AARA for an adjustment to be made. Further information on this process can be viewed on the QCAA website including details on eligibility​ and copies of forms.

Late arrivals

Students who arrive during SDP should go to their usual SDP class where they will be marked on the roll by their SDP teacher. Students arriving after SDP finishes (8.45am) must go to Student Services on the lower level of the Administration building.
  • Students will swipe in with their ID card and must hand in a note explaining why they are late
  • They will be given a printed pass to hand to their class teacher to confirm that they are now signed in at school

Early Departures

Students who need to leave during the day must organise this before school
  • Bring a note from their parent requesting permission to leave school at a specific time
  • Student hands the note to Student Services before 8.30am
  • The student will be given a printed pass to hand to their class teacher when they need to leave class at the requested time
  • Before leaving the school grounds, the student must return to Student Services and swipe out

Written notes

While texts, emails and phone calls are accepted as an explanation for absences, a written note is preferred for late arrivals and early departures. The note is handed to Student Services when the student swipes in or out. Emails, texts and phone messages for the day may not have been processed at the time the student is arriving or leaving.

There are printed notes at the end of the student diary. These can be cut out and filled in by the parent. The student can then bring this note to Student Services, making the sign in and out process much faster.

Last reviewed 11 May 2022
Last updated 11 May 2022