Executive Principal's welcome


karen-tanks-executive-principal.jpgWelcome to Mansfield State High School, where Quality Learning in a Caring Environment isn't just a vision statement: it's what we do every lesson, every day. This is evidenced in our results as one of the highest achieving state schools in Queensland, but this is not why I am so proud to be Mansfield State High School's Executive Principal.

​At Mansfield State High School, we have fostered a strong culture of support, belonging and pride in everything we do across all aspects of schooling. High expectations of behaviour, presentation, academic standards and effort across all curriculum areas and in all parts of the school day are set and adhered to. In this, we are steadfast, holding firm to the notion that achievement and success begins with maximum effort from each individual student and outstanding support and encouragement from every teacher and staff member. We work together, for each other.

As one of the state's largest schools, our student and staff cohorts represent a wide range of socio-economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, with over forty different languages spoken in the homes of our students. Creating a culture of belonging, whilst ensuring that each student's individual contribution to life at Mansfield State High School is valued, means that we are more than a schooling community, we are family.

Belonging to Mansfield State High School is more than wearing teal and white uniforms, it is about everyone remaining steadfast in being the best we can be in every lesson, every day.  Our classrooms are filled with passionate teachers, our students are inspired to do their best and achieve amazing results, and I can confirm we achieve this every day. I see it in the way our students wear their uniform with pride and enter our school grounds ready to learn. I hear it in the passionate way our teachers educate and speak to their students. I know it from the conversations I have with Mansfield students as they celebrate their accomplishments with joy and excitement.

Yes, our results place us amongst the highest achieving schools in the state, but this is not why my heart bursts with happiness when I see our amazing students. My pride comes from the knowledge that our students are cared for, encouraged to do their best and as a result, they rise beyond my highest expectations again and again. This is why I love this school and everyone in it.

This is Mansfield. We are Mansfield.

Mrs Karen Tanks
Executive Principal​

Last reviewed 21 June 2021
Last updated 21 June 2021