Our Canteen serves a range of healthy meals, snacks and drinks before school and during each break. The school Canteen is operated by the Parents and Citizens’ Association and is managed by a qualified chef who is assisted by staff and volunteers each day. Students may place a pre-order before school to ensure their meal is available or can make a purchase during each break from the meals on display. Pre-ordering is essential if you have special dietary needs.

Our menu has been designed to meet the requirements of the Smart Choices - Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for Queensland schools. We mainly serve foods from the green or amber categories and focus on offering meals which are prepared and cooked onsite.  More information can be found in our Canteen menu.

My Student Account

My Student Account (MSA) is the preferred method of payment at the Canteen. It is a cashless payment method, allowing parents to load funds onto the Student Identification Card issued by the School.
Advantages of MSA include:

  • Students do not need to carry cash

  • No minimum purchase amount

  • No transaction fees apply when using the card

  • It is not a credit card, only preloaded funds can be spent and daily spend limits can be set

  • Historical transactions can be viewed online

  • Faster Canteen service during breaks - cashless payments use an express line

  • MSA can also be used in the Uniform Shop and to purchase uniforms online

  • Low balance reminders can be set

  • Card top up payments can be made online, over the phone and at the Canteen before school

  • Allergy alerts and prohibited purchases can be set to assist in the management of special diets

Visit My Student Account to set up an account.


Volunteer assistance is essential, and helps reduce the wages cost of the Canteen, ensuring that the price of food and drinks remains as low as possible. Lower expenses helps free up funds for school facilities and amenities that improve our school community.
Opportunities to volunteer range from a few hours each month, through to full days each week. All parents, grandparents and friends are welcome and previous experience isn’t required. Volunteering is a great way to engage with the school community and an opportunity to meet other parents and staff.

What to expect when volunteering

  • A time and day that suits your availability

  • Support and training from permanent staff

  • Tasks such as making salads, sandwiches and wraps, restocking fridges, packaging hot meals, wrapping burgers, washing up, using a cash register, baking muffins and slices, handing out pre-paid orders and cleaning.

  • Lunch and a drink

  • Meet new people from the school community

To find our more about becoming a Canteen volunteer, please email Sonia Radel

Last reviewed 20 March 2020
Last updated 20 March 2020