​​All parents, guardians and friends of our school are encouraged to engage and support their students' high school journey by becoming members of our Parents and Citizens' Association (P&C). The P&C is a professional and active Association, working closely with School staff to build a strong community. Diversity within the P&C is important and ensures that our Association is representative of the School community and reflects the values and beliefs that are key to Mansfield State High School. We welcome all parents and community members who are committed to delivering great educational outcomes and value the skills and experiences they can offer.

The P&C Association operates two Canteens, the Uniform Shop and co-ordinates the booklist.  Business operations are managed by paid staff, with parent and student volunteers welcome. You can stay in touch with what is happening in the school community through the school newsletter, by attending meetings and following the P&C Association Facebook page


Become a member of the P&C Association by completing the 2021 Membership Application Form. Membership is open to parents and guardians of enrolled students and to the public who must hold a Blue Card and present this for verification with the Secretary.

Membership must be renewed each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is held in February. The AGM is the only time that you can apply for membership and have it accepted without attending the meeting. After the AGM, to join you must complete the application form and attend a meeting to have the membership accepted.

2021 P&C Meetings

The P&C Association meets monthly during school terms. The meeting format includes  a Guest Speaker followed by the monthly General Meetings.  Meetings are held onsite in the school grounds and members receive copies of the meeting reports in advance via email.  The meetings in June, July and August will be held online via Zoom instead of onsite. The link for the guest speaker and the meeting will be distributed the week of the meeting.

The meeting dates for 2021 are: 

  • 25 February - AGM followed by a General Meeting

  • 25 March

  • 22 April

  • 25 May - note meeting has been moved to Tuesday for this month

  • 24 June - online meeting via zoom

  • 22 July - online meeting via zoom

  • 26 August - online meeting via zoom

  • 21 October - NEW date

  • 25 November

2022 P&C Meetings

After feedback from P&C Association members, meetings in 2022 will be held on a Tuesday night.

The meeting dates for 2022 are: 

  • 22 February - AGM followed by a General Meeting

  • 22 March

  • 26 April

  • 24 May

  • 26 July

  • 23 August

  • 25 October

  • 22 November

P&C Executive

The P&C is governed by an Executive who have volunteered for specific roles to  oversee the operation of the P&C. Nominations for Executive positions can be made annually at the Annual General Meeting. Executive members must hold a current P&C Membership.

The current P&C Executive comprises:

  • President: Phil Reeves

  • Vice President: Zelna Palm

  • Treasurer: Kristian Justus

  • Secretary: Anna Khandhar

General P&C enquiries

Please contact Mrs Tanya Roberts​ (Operations Manager) on (07) 3452 5369.

Last reviewed 26 October 2021
Last updated 26 October 2021