Interschool sport


​​​​​​Mansfield SHS competes in summer and winter interschool sport competitions in the south district. Fixtures are held each Tuesday (juniors) and Wednesday (seniors) during MAP with students able to nominate for selection through trials held at the start of each competition.

Competing schools include Mt Gravatt SHS, Holland Park SHS, Cavendish Road SHS, Rochdale SHS and Citipointe Christian College. District premier teams participate in the Brisbane metropolitan finals which include all South East Queensland schools.

In addition to these weekly fixtures, Mansfield SHS also competes in state-wide competitions outside of school hours. These tournaments may include;

  • All Schools Touch
  • Volleyball Schools Cup
  • Vicki Wilson Cup (netball)
  • Futsal Championships
  • Bill Turner Cup (football)

Seperate trials are held for teams competing in these events.


MAP selection process

Students who have trialled for an interschool sport will be advised by the coach if they have been selected. The parents of selected students are required to complete the MAP permissions link which is sent to all parents. This link will give the option to select interschool sport instead of a MAP activity. Permission and acceptance of the fees for interschool sport is required for a student to participate.

Only students who have been selected can play interschool sport, all other students must select a MAP activity or sport.


Students will receive a timetable of fixtures showing their away games. All buses for away games leave at 1pm (the start of lunch) from the Ham Road gates. Buses wil have signs to show destinations and drop off points. Interschool sport buses will return by 3pm (except the cricket bus).


Parents will be invoiced by the school prior to the commencement of the competition. The invoice will be $40/$60 depending on the sport played and the cost covers transport, fees and any external venue costs. This invoice must be paid in full for the student to play. There is no refund for matches which are cancelled.​

Interschool sports uniform

Students playing interschool sport will wear their school sports uniform. For some sports, a separate playing jersey may be required and will be supplied by the school for the season.

Students playing futsal and rugby league require interschool sports socks which may be purchased from the Uniform Shop

Wet weather

Cancellations due to wet weather will be communicated to the students via email by the end of period 1 on the day.


In 2021, Mansfield State High School have the following teams competing.

Block 1Block 2
Summer Interschool TeamWinter Interschool Teams


  • Volleyball(B) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Touch(B) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Basketball(B) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Futsal(B) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Cricket(B) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Volleyball(G) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Touch(G) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Basketball(G) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Futsal(G) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Softball(G) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Volleyball(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • Touch(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • Futsal(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • Cricket(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • Volleyball(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Touch(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Futsal(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Softball(G) Open
  • Rugby League(B) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Football(B) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • AFL(B) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Basketball(B) Yr 7, Yr 8/9
  • Volleyball(G) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Netball(G) Yr 7A/B, Yr 8A/B, Yr 9A/B
  • Basketball(G) Yr 7, Yr 8, Yr 9
  • Football(G) Yr 7/8/9
  • Rugby League(B) Yr10 and Open
  • Football(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • AFL(B) Open
  • Badminton(B) Yr 10 and open
  • Basketball(B) Yr 10 and Open
  • Football(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Badminton(G) Yr 10 and open
  • Basketball(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Volleyball(G) Yr 10 and Open
  • Netball Yr 10A/B and Open A/B

Last reviewed 22 June 2021
Last updated 22 June 2021