​Mansfield SHS has two canteens, a coffee shop and snack kiosk. Cafe 74 and the Hip Hop Coffee Shop are located on the lower level of A block. Mansfield Central is beside the school hall with the snack kiosk at the rear, near the terraces.

Cafe 74
Open during each break and before school for breakfast, pre-order lunches and cash loads to My Student Account (MSA).  Hot food, sandwiches, daily specials and snacks are available from the ​Cafe_74_menu.pdf.

The Hip Hop Coffee Shop is located beside the canteen and is open before school and during breaks, serving coffee to students in years 11 and 12, as well as hot chocolates, breakfast, snacks and drinks to all students from the Hip_Hop_Coffee_Shop_menu.pdf.

Mansfield Central
Open during each break.  Hot food, sandwiches, daily specials and snacks are available from the Mansfield_Central_menu.pdf. The kiosk at the rear of the canteen opens during breaks to sell ice blocks, drinks and snacks, and after school until 3.15pm.

Pre-ordering / Dietary Needs

Online ordering is not available. Students are instead encouraged to pre-order before school at Cafe 74  to ensure that their preferred meal is available.  There are a range of meals options offered to cater for various dietary needs.  Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure an option is available and not sold out during breaks. Dietary needs can be discussed before school with the Chef and meals adjusted if required.

Cashless Purchases

The canteens, coffee shop and kiosk are cashless operations with purchases only available by My Student Account (MSA) or EFTPOS. Students who bring cash to school must go to Cafe 74 before school and load this money to MSA.

New students who do not have a student ID card can place a pre-order with cash before school during Term 1. This service is offered until student cards are issued in approximately week 8.

My Student Account

My Student Account (MSA) is the preferred method of payment at the Canteen. It is a cashless payment method, allowing parents to load funds onto the Student Identification Card issued by the School.

Funds can be loaded by credit card payment online (allow 30 minutes for the funds to clear), BPAY (allow 3-5 working days for the funds to clear) or by the student at Cafe 74 before school (EFTPOS/cash can be used and funds clear immediately).

Advantages of MSA include:

  • Students do not need to carry cash

  • No minimum purchase amount

  • No transaction fees apply when using the card

  • It is not a credit card, only preloaded funds can be spent and daily spend limits can be set

  • Historical transactions can be viewed online

  • MSA can also​ be used in the Uniform Shop

  • Low balance reminders can be set

  • Card top up payments can be made online and at Cafe 74 before school

  • Allergy alerts and prohibited purchases can be set to assist in the management of special diets

Visit My Student Account to set up an account.


Volunteer assistance helps reduce the wages cost of the Canteens, ensuring that the price of food and drinks remains as low as possible. Lower expenses helps free up funds for school facilities and amenities that improve our school community.

Opportunities to volunteer range from a few hours each month, through to full days each week. All parents, grandparents and friends are welcome and previous experience isn’t required.

To find our more about becoming a Canteen volunteer, please email our Canteen Manager Steve Curry.

Last reviewed 18 February 2022
Last updated 18 February 2022