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Folder: Resources ChargesResources ChargesResources Charges
Activities.pdfActivities251 KB
YEAR 8 Course Selection 2017 NEW FINAL.pdfYEAR 8 Course Selection 2017 NEW FINAL1181 KB
School Laptop Program Options.pdfSchool Laptop Program Options911 KB
Student Laptops Routines.pdfStudent Laptops Routines353 KB
Investing for Success IPS Agreement 2018 (PDF, 170 KB).pdfInvesting for Success IPS Agreement 2018 (PDF, 170 KB)170 KB
AHS10.pdfAHS1063 KB
PTO Instructions Years 7-9 2018 (PDF, 202 KB).pdfPTO Instructions Years 7-9 2018 (PDF, 202 KB)202 KB
PTO Instructions Years 10-12 2018 (PDF, 203 KB).pdfPTO Instructions Years 10-12 2018 (PDF, 203 KB)203 KB
Music Newsletter No. 2 - April 2018 (PDF, 766 KB).pdfMusic Newsletter No. 2 - April 2018 (PDF, 766 KB)766 KB
2017 I4S Snapshop (PDF, 262 KB).pdf2017 I4S Snapshop (PDF, 262 KB)2017 I4S Snapshop (PDF, 262 KB)262 KB
next-step-summary-report.pdf2017 Next step summarynext-step-summary-report170 KB
Annual Implementation Plan 2018 (PDF, 364 KB).pdf2018 Annual Implementation PlanAnnual Implementation Plan 2018 (PDF, 364 KB)364 KB
2018 Prospectus (PDF, 673 KB).pdf2018 Prospectus (PDF, 673 KB)2018 Prospectus (PDF, 673 KB)673 KB
2018 Year Level Charges (PDF, 178 KB).pdf2018 Year Level Charges (PDF, 178 KB)2018 Year Level Charges (PDF, 178 KB)178 KB
Brisbane City Council - School Zone Advisory.pdfBrisbane City Council - School Zone Advisory (PDF, 589 KB)Brisbane City Council - School Zone Advisory589 KB
Mansfield-byod-form.pdfBYOD FormMansfield-byod-form464 KB
Mansfield BYOD Information.pdfBYOD InformationMansfield BYOD Information672 KB
Calendar of Evening - Semester 1 2018 (PDF, 243 KB).pdfCalendar of Events - Semester 1 2018 (PDF, 243 KB) Calendar of Evening - Semester 1 2018 (PDF, 243 KB)243 KB
Clarks Bus Service School Route 4422 (PDF, 203 KB).pdfClarks Bus Service School Route 4422Clarks Bus Service School Route 4422 (PDF, 203 KB)203 KB
Clarks Bus Service School Route 4425 (PDF, 174 KB).pdfClarks Bus Service School Route 4425Clarks Bus Service School Route 4425 (PDF, 174 KB)174 KB
model-pc-constitution-2018.pdfCommunity - 2018 Model Constitutionmodel-pc-constitution-2018465 KB
Application_for_PandC_membership_2018.docCommunity - Application for PandC membership 2018Application_for_PandC_membership_201848 KB
Application_for_PandC_membership_2018.pdfCommunity - Application for PandC membership 2018Application_for_PandC_membership_2018160 KB
Canteen menu and order form T1 2018.pdfCommunity - Canteen menu and order form Canteen menu and order form T1 2018749 KB
My student account instructions for parents.pdfCommunity - My Student Account InstructionsMy student account instructions for parents378 KB
pandc-exec-officer-nomination-form.docCommunity - PandC exec officer nomination formpandc-exec-officer-nomination-form206 KB
pandc-exec-officer-nomination-form.pdfCommunity - PandC exec officer nomination formpandc-exec-officer-nomination-form120 KB
2018-student-protection-rm-strategy.pdfCommunity - student protection risk management strategy 20182018-student-protection-rm-strategy461 KB
Information for Parents and Students  (Yellow).pdfCurriculum - Information for Parents and Students (Yellow) (PDF, 441 KB)Information for Parents and Students (Yellow)81 KB
YEAR 8 Course Selection FINAL.pdfCurriculum - Junior Course Selection Booklet 2016 (PDF, 899 KB)YEAR 8 Course Selection FINAL899 KB
Parent Letter (Yellow).pdfCurriculum - Parent Letter (Yellow) (PDF, 441 KB)Parent Letter (Yellow)438 KB
Sample SET plan.pdfCurriculum - Sample SET planSample SET plan2912 KB
SAT Application Form.pdfCurriculum - SAT Application Form (PDF, 111 KB)SAT Application Form111 KB
SAT Information for Students and Parents.pdfCurriculum - SAT Information for Students and Parents (PDF, 313 KB)SAT Information for Students and Parents313 KB
SDP_topics_by_year_level.pdfCurriculum - SDP topics by year level (PDF 116)SDP_topics_by_year_level116 KB
SENIOR Course booklet 2016 FINALwith changed SAS codes.pdfCurriculum - Senior Course Booklet 2016 (PDF, 1661 KB)SENIOR Course booklet 2016 FINALwith changed SAS codes1661 KB
TAFE Online Application Process 2018.pdfCurriculum - Senior schoolTAFE Online Application Process 2018105 KB
TAFE application pack 2018 courses.pdfCurriculum - Senior SchoolTAFE application pack 2018 courses263 KB
SET plan parent info letter.pdfCurriculum - SET plan parent info letterSET plan parent info letter887 KB
DET Work Experience Agreement with MSHS Contact Info.pdfCurriculum - Voc Ed DET Work Experience Agreement with MSHS Contact DET Work Experience Agreement with MSHS Contact Info436 KB
Information for Parents and Students.docCurriculum - Voc Ed Information for Parents and StudentsInformation for Parents and Students50 KB
Parental Permission Form.docCurriculum - Voc Ed Parental Permission FormParental Permission Form80 KB
1.4 - Parental Permission Form  (Blue).pdfCurriculum - Voc Ed Parental Permission Form1.4 - Parental Permission Form (Blue)436 KB
Work Experience Parent Letter 2018.pdfCurriculum - Voc Ed work experience parent letterWork Experience Parent Letter 2018467 KB
WorkExperience agreement form.pdfCurriculum - Voc Ed work experience permission FormWorkExperience agreement form436 KB
Weekly_Study_Plan.docCurriculum - Weekly study planWeekly_Study_Plan59 KB
year-10-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 10 booklist 2018year-10-booklist-2018328 KB
year-11-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 11 booklist 2017year-11-booklist-2018369 KB
year-12-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 12 booklist 2018year-12-booklist-2018370 KB
year-7-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 7 booklist 2018year-7-booklist-2018318 KB
year-7-french-immersion-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 7 french immersion booklist 2018year-7-french-immersion-booklist-2018315 KB
year-8-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 8 booklist 2018year-8-booklist-2018316 KB
year-8-french-immersion-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 8 french immersion booklist 2018year-8-french-immersion-booklist-2018316 KB
year-9-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 9 booklist 2018year-9-booklist-2018323 KB
year-9-french-immersion-booklist-2018.pdfCurriculum - year 9 french immersion booklist 2018year-9-french-immersion-booklist-2018323 KB
2019-tafe-at-school-course-guide.pdfCurriculum senior school2019-tafe-at-school-course-guideNew2688 KB
AccelR8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETAccelR8 Info Sheet663 KB
AllevE8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETAllevE8 Info Sheet647 KB
Build8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETBuild8 Info Sheet906 KB
CultiV8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETCultiV8 Info Sheet694 KB
GenR8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETGenR8 Info Sheet689 KB
LamIN8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETLamIN8 Info Sheet676 KB
MarIN8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETMarIN8 Info Sheet677 KB
RenoV8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETRenoV8 Info Sheet673 KB
StyL8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETStyL8 Info Sheet656 KB
TechN8 Info Sheet.pdfCurriculum VETTechN8 Info Sheet660 KB
AccelR8_EOI_V4.pdfCurriculum VETAccelR8_EOI_V4739 KB
AllevE8_EOI_V3.pdfCurriculum VETAllevE8_EOI_V3740 KB
Build8_EOI_V3.pdfCurriculum VETBuild8_EOI_V3747 KB
CultiV8_EOI_V3.pdfCurriculum VETCultiV8_EOI_V3738 KB
GenR8_EOI_V8.pdfCurriculum VETGenR8_EOI_V8979 KB
LamIN8 EOI_V2.pdfCurriculum VETLamIN8 EOI_V2711 KB
MarIN8_EOI_V2.pdfCurriculum VETMarIN8_EOI_V2736 KB
RenoV8_EOI_V4.pdfCurriculum VETRenoV8_EOI_V4711 KB
StyL8_EOI_V2.pdfCurriculum VETStyL8_EOI_V2737 KB
TechN8_EOI_V2.pdfCurriculum VETTechN8_EOI_V2738 KB
MSHS SVETE Application Form.pdfCurriculum VETMSHS SVETE Application Form245 KB
School to Work Transition Programs Overview.pdfCurriculum VETSchool to Work Transition Programs Overview2303 KB
SVETE Fact sheet for students V3.pdfCurriculum VETSVETE Fact sheet for students V3456 KB
MSHS application process.pdfCurriculum VETMSHS application process569 KB
2018 project_consent form.docCurriculum VET - DET Project Consent Form2018 project_consent form938 KB
Position information-Community representatives.pdfEmployment - Community representatives application formPosition information-Community representatives97 KB
Music accelerando information session 2018-2019 (PDF, 528 KB).pdfEnrolmentsMusic accelerando information session 2018-2019 (PDF, 528 KB)528 KB
TIC information evening 2018-2019 (PDF, 5338 KB).pdfEnrolmentsTIC information evening 2018-2019 (PDF, 5338 KB)5338 KB
FAQ-14-Feb-2017.docEnrolments - Frequently asked questionsFAQ-14-Feb-2017360 KB
FAQ-14-Feb-2017.pdfEnrolments - Frequently asked questionsFAQ-14-Feb-201742 KB
Open-day-dates-2017.docEnrolments - Open day dates 2017Open-day-dates-2017521 KB
Open-day-dates-2017.pdfEnrolments - Open day dates 2017Open-day-dates-2017155 KB
Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule (PDF, 117 KB).pdfEnsemble Rehearsal Schedule PDF, 117 KB)Ensemble Rehearsal Schedule (PDF, 117 KB)117 KB
EQ Agreement Form.pdfEQ Agreement Form (PDF, 97 KB)EQ Agreement Form97 KB
Concert-memo-parents-8.3.18.docxExtra-curricular - Event memo for March concertsConcert-memo-parents-8.3.1884 KB
Concert-memo-parents-8.3.18.pdfExtra-curricular - Event memo for March concertsConcert-memo-parents-8.3.18184 KB
Guitar-tuition-form-2018.docExtra-curricular - guitar tuition form 2018Guitar-tuition-form-2018214 KB
Guitar-tuition-form-2018.pdfExtra-curricular - guitar tuition form 2018Guitar-tuition-form-2018114 KB
Music Newsletter No 5 2016.docExtra-curricular - music newsletter 5 2016Music Newsletter No 5 2016207 KB
Music-newsletter-5-2016.pdfExtra-curricular - music newsletter 5 2016Music-newsletter-5-2016525 KB
Placement-audition-2018.docExtra-curricular - placement audition 2018Placement-audition-201861 KB
Placement-audition-2018.pdfExtra-curricular - placement audition 2018Placement-audition-2018153 KB
Voice-tuition-form-2018.docExtra-curricular - vocal tuition form 2018Voice-tuition-form-2018282 KB
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