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All students are allocated to houses.

During the year interhouse competition occurs in the sports of:

  • Swimming
  • Cross country
  • Athletics and field events.

After interhouse competition, some students progress to the stage where they represent our school at the district level at interschool carnivals. Others progress further to represent our Region and some even compete at a national level.

Many students choose to participate in interschool sport as part of our Mansfield Activity Program (MAP) on Wednesday afternoons.


Wet Weather Procedures

MAP IS NEVER CANCELLED. Wet weather rooms are allocated for all outside activities at the beginning of each Block. Staff should plan alternatives in case of rain eg videos, rules, lessons, etc.
A Sport Coordinator will notify staff and students of District Interschool Sport cancellation by the end of Period 1.
All buses leave at 1pm SHARP from Ham Road gate. Buses will have signs to show destinations, drop off points, etc. Interschool buses will return by 3pm (except the cricket bus).
Interschool bus money will be collected by the Lower Office at the beginning of fixtures. Students will pay $40/$60 up front (for the 12 weeks of fixtures) to cover ALL transport, referees and venue costs - no matter the sport or venue - there is no refund for wet days. Some sports may incur an extra fee.
Interschool Sports Uniform
All students in Interschool Teams must be attired in the correct sports uniform. 
If uniform sets are provided by the school they are issued only for the duration of the season.


Boys and girls:

Shirt : Polo shirt with teal side panels.

ShortS : Teal basketball style shorts. School badge on bottom front left leg.

Socks : Short white socks with Mansfield written twice around the top.

Hat/cap : All students must wear the school hat or cap.


Sports Financial Assistance

Any student who represents the school in a Regional/State or National Team might be eligible for a sports Subsidy from the P&C. Forms are to be obtained from the Sport Coordinator.