Technology Integrated Curriculum (TIC) Excellence Program


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What is the TIC Excellence Program?

The Technology Integrated Curriculum (TIC) Program is designed for students who are passionate about using technology to enable their learning. It provides an innovative learning environment that allows students to complete Australian Curriculum courses (e.g. Science) through teaching and learning experiences that are especially designed to embed and draw upon the power of technology.

TIC courses are delivered through an exclusive one-to-one program that utilises the power of Apple's iPad Pros and Apple's educational systems to enrich and extend students' learning both inside and outside the classroom.

Goals of the Program are to:

  • Provide an innovative learning environment that allows students to complete Australian Curriculum courses through teaching and learning experiences that are especially designed to embed and draw upon the power of technology.
  • Provide students with carefully designed technology tasks (Formalised Technology Tasks) that enable and extend learning through technologies that are purposefully selected, integrated and deployed.
  • A final key goal of this excellence program is to develop students' proficiency in a range of real-world technologies, enabling them to become more effective learners as they progress into their senior and tertiary studies.

The program is three years in duration and will allow students to study TIC courses from year 7 to year 9.


Who can apply and be accepted into the TIC Excellence Program?

The TIC Program is available to both local area catchment and out-of-catchment students. Students interested in applying for entry into this excellence program should select the option to be considered for it when requested in the enrolment and application process.

What additional processes do I need to complete to be considered for the TIC Excellence Program?

  • School-reported academic, behaviour and effort data from the student's Year 5 Semester 2 Report Card.
  • Student NAPLAN data
  • A personal suitability statement of up to 100 words explaining why he/she should be selected for the program (further information is provided to students during the online application process)
  • Copies of documents that support the student's suitability statement. For example, relevant certificates that relate to the student's statement (e.g. from competitions) 
  • An official school email address of the student's current Year 6 teacher whom we may contact (if necessary) for his or her endorsement (initiated by our school).

How are students selected for the TIC Excellence Program?

Students are selected on the merits and strength of their application data as requested in the application and enrolment process. The school makes decisions based on our interpretations of the submitted data to select the students who present as being the most suitable for this program. The top 56 applicants will be offered positions on the program. If an offer is turned down, the position is offered to the next person on the waiting list (i.e. 57th best applicant) until both classes are filled.


One-to-one iPad Pro program

From 2019, all students entering our school’s technology excellence program (Technology Integrated Curriculum (TIC)) will be included in an exclusive one-to-one iPad Pro program. This program provides students with a device through a Corporate-Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) scheme that is specifically designed for the purpose and needs of the students’ TIC classes.

With this in mind, TIC students are NOT included in the mainstream BYOD and CYOD programs. They will not require a laptop.

Like the school's CYOD program, each student's iPad Pro package is purchased through the school (please see the iPad Pro program guide for more information).

On this page you will find a number of important documents that have been developed for parents and students of Mansfield State High School’s technology excellence program. These forms include the:

  • One-to-One iPad Pro Program Guide
  • COPE Participation Agreement
  • COPE Participation Form (to be signed and returned to the school)

You can access these forms by clicking on the links below.

If we can help further, please email your inquiry to:

Last reviewed 29 March 2021
Last updated 29 March 2021