Classroom Music Excellence Program


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What is the Classroom Music Excellence Program (Music Accelerando)?

The Classroom Music Excellence Program (Music Accelerando) provides an opportunity for students who are advanced musicians to participate in the classroom Music curriculum at an accelerated rate of progression.  Students in the program will study the usual complement of subjects from years 7 to 10 with Music being one of their chosen electives.  Further, all students in this program are required to participate in co-curricular music ensembles.

Goals of the program are to:

  • Provide an opportunity to develop and extend students who have skills beyond the expectations of the compulsory components of the Australian curriculum for Music.
  • To extend instrumental / vocal students who have already developed sound music reading and performance skills through the primary school years (for at least 3 years) or private lessons.  
  • Provide a learning environment with other like-minded musicians so that students can learn through an integrated vocal and aural approach to further develop their musical ability.

Successful applicants of the program are expected to remain in the program for the entirety of the program until the end of year 9 as well as participating in co-curricular music ensembles.

Who can apply and be accepted into the Classroom Music Excellence Program?

The Classroom Music Excellence Program (Music Accelerando) is available both local area catchment and out-of-catchment students. Students interested in applying for entry into this excellence program should select this option on the enrolment form to be considered for the program.

Not every student that applies will be granted an audition.  In previous years, only approximately 75 of the applicants were invited to audition for the 28 positions.


What additional processes do I need to complete to be considered for the Classroom Music Excellence Program?

  • School-reported academic, behaviour and effort data from the student's Year 5 Semester 2 Report Card.
  • Student NAPLAN data
  • Indicate on your application form the instruments that you wish to audition for, as well as some background information about your musical abilities and experiences (eg. AMEB level, member of ensembles, years playing instrument).

Students that are shortlisted for auditions will be forwarded a letter detailing dates and times to complete an audition and theory exam.

  • The theory exam is 30 minutes in length and covers basic music notation, rhythmic & melodic dictations and music analysis (listening).
  • The audition is 10 minutes in length; play an 'own choice' song that shows your musical ability; also sight-reading and scales.
  • Audition and theory exams are done on the same day at the school.
  • Auditions will be on Tuesday 3 August 7.30am – 5.00pm downstairs in the Music Centre.


How are students selected for the Classroom Music Excellence Program?

Students are shortlisted for an audition on the merits and strength of their application data as requested in the application and enrolment process. The school makes decisions based on our interpretations of the submitted data to select the students who present as being the most suitable for this program. The top 28 applicants will be offered positions on the program. If an offer is turned down, the position is offered to the next person on the waiting list (i.e. 29th best applicant) until the class is filled.

The audition is not a pass or fail for entry to the program.  Students that are shortlisted for audition are graded according to where they are on their music journey and they are ranked in terms of priority for a place.  Priority may be given based on playing level, best fit for our program and instruments that we currently need. Further to the audition, responses for the Music Accelerando exam results may be reviewed in the selection process.

Last reviewed 15 July 2021
Last updated 15 July 2021