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State education fees

What are the State Education Fees?

The State Education Fees, are a fee for service arrangement, which has replaced the Resource, Book and Materials charge, in which almost every parent has participated in the past.

The fees provide parents with cost effective access to a full range of texts, resources, consumables and other materials that are over and above what is covered by government grants. This saves parents from having to buy a large range of resources that are necessary, but which are used infrequently. This does not include stationery and texts included on the student’s booklist.

How do we reduce the costs to parents?

By utilising the Education Queensland purchasing arrangements with suppliers, we are able to purchase resources which if individually purchased, would cost more. These resources are then re-produced into workbooks or shared with students so that parents do not have to purchase a whole book when only a few pages compliment resources purchased from the booklist.

When do I pay?

Each student’s subjects have to be finalised at the beginning of each semester before invoices can be raised.

Payment is requested at the time you receive your statement.

What is the Government Textbook and Resource Allowance?

This is the amount the State government provides to the school for the education of each child enrolled in the school on Day 8 of each year.

To assist parents with meeting their student’s State Education Fees, the Government Textbook and Resource Allowance is applied as a credit to the total balance of the invoices raised for subjects chosen. 

How is each charge calculated?

Charges are determined by the Heads of Department. These charges allow for the purchase of a range of texts, resources, consumables and other materials that are over and above what is covered by the government grants. This does not include stationery and texts from the booklist. These charges are itemised on a per student basis and are available on request from the school.

What are the charges for each subject studied by my student?

A list of subject charges are detailed in the Junior Subjects and Senior Subjects areas of the website.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sandy Ebert
Business Services Manager


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